Bio (short)

Agam (A.) Andreas [Andreas Maria Jacobs - NL 1956] studied experimental physics and musicology at the University of Amsterdam NL (BSc. 1978), electronic and computer music at the State University Utrecht NL (1981) and holds a BSc. in software engineering (University of Applied Sciences - The Hague NL (1997).


Publisher of Nictoglobe magazine, ISSN 1874-9534, online since 1986!
Founder of the Brahamian Intelligence Service.
He also runs a radioshow Burgerwaanzin at Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam NL.
Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Walkenried, Germany with Judith V. and their 3 children.

Screen-based art, prints, projections and more

Agam Andreas 2020
De laatste Arbeider, Pigment Ink on Paper, AA2020
Agam Andreas 2007
Plaza, dimensions variable Digital Collage, B/W Print
Agam Andreas 2007
Runner (21st Century Fix), AA 2018
Agam Andreas 2007
In the Park (Digital Fauvism), AA 2018
Agam Andreas 2007
White House at the Bridge (Digital Fauvism), AA 2017


Not Google Earth
Drawings, Amsterdam, July 2017
Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2011
Not Google Earth, AA 2017


The Bus does not stop here anymore , BW Prints

5 QR encoded poems, A0 poster size prints
On view in situ at Wroclaw's (Poland) #nfcdab 2nd Edition Biennnail 2016

A Fence in a field
Drawings, Amsterdam, 20 August 2016

Agam Andreas 2011


Detecting a Corpse in the Canal
Amsterdam 2015, projection, Website

Vos Guerres Nos Morts
Amsterdam 2015, SVG drawings, Posters
Agam Andreas 2007 Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2011

Agam Andreas 2007


Ors Vibrantur Wurld Amsterdam 2014, projection, Website, C-prints on Duratrans ca 65 cm x 48 cm each
Agam Andreas 2011


On top of the Piet Hein Tunnel Amsterdam Eastern Docklands , inkjet prints on paper, laminated and mounted on wood ca 40 cm x 30 cm each

New York Central Park GLITCHED Amsterdam / New York C-Prints & Projection
Agam Andreas 2011

Agam Andreas 2011

Exhibtions - Solo

2014 Museum Perron Oost Ors Vibrantur Wurld, Amsterdam
2010 Gallery d+n+r Dynamic Noise Reductions, Amsterdam
2009 Stadsgalerie STIPO Het Graf van de Romantiek, Amsterdam
2004 De Nieuwe Ruimte Het Gedroomde Museum, Amsterdam

Exhibtions / Screenings / Presentations

2017, Paris "Murder on the Screen", Galerie Charlot , Paris, sept 6 - oct 7, 2017,
2015 Fluidal [from Semantic Disturbances] "Language and the Interface", An Exhibition, University of Coimbra, Portugal, International Conference "Digital Literary Studies", May 14-15, 2015,
2014 La Resocialista Internacional Anthropoetry, Modern expressions of the human condition, Vancouver BC
2013 Proscenicum (try-out) "BYOB In/Outdoor", Vlaams Cultureel Centrum de Brakke Grond Amsterdam ism Fiber Festival
2013 11 Ways to escape the symbolic Field "Chercher le Texte, manifestation internationale de littŽrature numŽrique, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Paris
2012 516 WORDS: Quiet Machine/Wild Mouth "Natura Naturans", 516 ARTS / Local Poets Guild, Albuquerque New Mexico, USA
2012 ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness "11 Ways to escape the symbolic Field", ISEA2012 Symposium Albuquerque New Mexico, USA
2012 The Sound of Money Leap Second Festival, Norway
2012 File RIO 2012 Media Art: "La Resocialista Internacional", Galeria 'Oi Futura', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011 Digital Poetry as Intervention ELMCIP Seminar, University of Amsterdam @ Stichting Perdu
2011 BYO: Screen 2 Cultural Centre "De Verdieping", Amsterdam
2011 Die Neue Elite ist das Volk Beursplein Amsterdam @ Occupy Amsterdam
2011 File - Electronic Language International Festival FILE 2011 Media Art: "La Resocialista Internacional", Sao Paolo Brazil
2011 University of Bergen Electronic Literature Collection Vol. 2 Launch Event: "Semantic Disturbances Part I (2005-2007)", Bergen Norway
2010 JavaMuseum 2010 Celebrate, Two netart pieces: "La Resocialista Internacional", 2008-2010 & "Moblog / Zeitgeist", 2005-2010
2010 Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iSCaM Anticensor, Web Biennial 2010, Turkey
2010 GLI.TC/H Noise, Screenings & Live Events @ Roxaboxen Gallery, Chicago USA
2010 Sky Gallery Vispo / Mailart Exhibit, Columbus USA
2009 RomaEuropaFAKEFactory 100 Quotes, Rome Italy
2008 Digital Media Valencia Javamuseum Netart Features IV, Spain
2007 The Jerusalem Artists' House Desert Generation, Jerusalem Israel
2007 Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, iSCaM Web Biennial 2007, Turkey
2006 Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art Satellite of Love / International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam Netherlands
2005 Sacrifier le Sacrifice EU 03 2005 > 2008, Liège, Belgique
2005 Energy Museum Amsterdam Museum N8 2005, Amsterdam NL


2016 Utsanga: una rivista di critica e linguaggi di ricerca 5 QR Poems, Rome - Italy
2016 UndergroungBooks The Kitchen Poet Seven Poems, New York - USA
2016 Utsanga: una rivista di critica e linguaggi di ricerca a-woman-watching-a-man-smoking-and-other-works, Rome - Italy
2014 Urban Graffiti Magazine, 8 December 2014 TeleText on a Cross, Edmonton -Cananda
2014 Slova Magazine issue 14: Synaps The Czar and the the Demo , Smolensk -Russia
2013 Slova Magazine issue 12 April 2013 Micrograffiti, Smolensk - Russia
2013 Expoesia Visual Experimental Issue 6 Jan-feb 2013 Silent Poems 1-5, Mexico City, Mexico
2013 Samplekanon Musical Deconstrucion in 6 parts, Netherlands
2012 Urban Graffiti Looking for Mao, Edmonton, Canada, April 2012
2012 Drunken Boat an online journal of art and literature Casibean, Letters to/from my Father (1942), USA, Issue 15
2011 The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing USA, October 2011
2011 SpringGun Press USA, Issue 4
2009 Slashseconds UK, Issue 11
2009 The New Post-literate: A Gallery Of Asemic Writing USA, April 2009
2008 Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures USA, Hyperrhiz.05
2008 Web del Sol, New Media Highlights USA, Issue 34
2007 New River, Journal of Digital Writing and Art USA, Fall Issue


2015 Interview with Agam Andreas Zouch Magazine by Volodymyr Bylik, Online USA
2010 My head is my life and my life is my head Contemporary Art @ Boğaziçi, Yeditepe University Istanbul / Hogeschool Utrecht
2009 Interviewing the Crisis by Penelope di Pixel, Roma Italy

Curatorial / Research

2011 Reclaim the Mind Friction Research Issue 4, Nictoglobe Online Magazine
2010 Art is not about Communication Friction Research Issue 3, Nictoglobe Online Magazine
2009 Investigating Ruptures in the Art-Political Grid Friction Research Issue 2, Nictoglobe Online Magazine
2007 Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms Friction Research Issue 1, Nictoglobe Online Magazine
2007 Creative Resistance - New Media as Soft Arms II Center for Culture & Politics, de Balie Amsterdam NL


2012 E-Poetry Residency with the Local Poets Guild as part of ISEA 2012, Albuquerque USA

Collections / Archives

2012 European Anthology of Electronic Literature Bergen Norway
2011 New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc ( New York USA
2010 Electronic Literature Collection Vol. 2 ELO USA
2007 United Kingdom
2007 JavaMuseum Cologne, Germany
2007 Low-fi Net Art Locator Cornell University London, United Kingdom (Defunct)
2005 Rhizome Artbase New Museum New York


2010 The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) University of Maryland USA ()
2008 Digital Readymades Rhizome New York USA
2007 De/generative Narratives: Internet Art and Textual Adaptation Montréal Canada


2008 Towards a Radical Anti-Social Art Amsterdam NL
2007 The Few and The Many / Nekolicina i Mnozina Amsterdam NL / Beograd Serbia
2007 Creative Insurgency / Kreativni Bunt Kao Amsterdam NL / Beograd Serbia

Sound Art & Compositions (1980-1990) *

1989 Gerausche aus der Helle Performance / Installation
1988 An Adventure in the Forest Installation
1990 Blues for Judith Acoustic Guitar & 4 track recorded rhytm guitar, [8m34s]
1988 Birds in a Cage Eletronic Music for Opto-acoustic coupled pianokeys, sealed in transparent plastic sheet [15m34s]
1982 Music for Soprano Recorder & PDP11 Computer Institute for Sonology, Utrecht The Neherlands [8m34s]
1982 Crossing Lines, Oscilators & PDP11 Computer Institute for Sonology, Utrecht The Neherlands [2m34s]
1981 Motorboating, Electronics & Electric Piano Stichting STEIM Amsterdam, The Neherlands [15m34s]
1983 Arbeiderslied / Workers Song Mixed choir for the theater piece 'Chaos & Gebroken Harten' [12m33s]
1979 Piano Trio Violin, Cello & Piano [12m33s]

* : Collected on C90 Cassette Tape, 1992

Previous Works


2012 Cytograd A series of inkjet prints on paper, laminated and mounted on wood ca 40 cm x 30 cm each
2012 Looking for Mao Expanded drawings from transparent A4 sized plastic sheets
2012 Warzonal Digital transfers on metal surfaces, 76,8 cm x 102.4 cm
2012 Cigarette Girls Digital prints on aluminium, 80 cm x 120 cm
Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2007


2011 Asemic Robots Digital C-Prints, dimensions variable
2011 Casibean, Letters to/from my Father (1942) Digital C-Prints, dimensions variable
2011 Natura Naturans Digital Transfers on Zinc, 128 cm x 80 cm
2011 The Veil - Inner World
2011 a Sketch for a Sculpture (start of project 2010)
2011 More Memories of a Face (Self-Images)
Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2011 Agam Andreas 2011


2010 Memories of a Room (start of project 2007)
2010 La Resocialista Internacional (start of project 2008)
2010 GLI.TC/H Chicago, LSPP #1 & #2 2010 Mobi Arbeiten 1-4, 5-8, 9-10, 11-13 14-17
2010 Wandstuecke: Inneren Gentrification I - III
Agam Andreas 2007 Agam Andreas 2007


2009 Deranged Iconic Artefacts
2009 Digital Landscapes
Agam Andreas 2007


2008 Cinematographic Scraps
2008 When We Was Strange Birds an E-Mail Opera in 6 Acts
2008 Ors Vibranter Wurld TeleText on a Cross
2008 In Modeum Rudolf Hess*

*: Audiotranscript 1996, Dialogue 1985


2007 S=F(sgn,sgf)
2007 Selected Works
2007 Web Ubermahlung Nr. 1
2007 Dharma, the Digital Dog*
2007 Semantic Disturbances a Series of nonlineair poetic Automata.

*: With Judith V.

2004, 5 & 6

2006 Roadblock trying to beat Google Earth
2006 Rembrandt400 *
2006 Ey' Ar Show *
2005 Fiat Lux Performance / Installation
2005 KrK a videographic Essay about Cultural Epileptiscm **
2005 De Perfecte Allochtoon **
2004 Enkele Reis / Oneway Ticket Thuisland / Homeland **
2004 Cherubim ***
2004 De Ambasadrice van Eleutheropolis ***

* : With The Brahamian Intelligence Service

**: With AndroPro and Casting International

***: With Judith V.

Contact: a [dot] andreas [at] nictoglobe [dot] com

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