When We Was Strange Birds - An E-Mail Opera in 6 Acts.

Amsterdam, Dekemember 5th. 2008

Conceived from an e-mail correspondence between Bobbi Lurie and A. Andreas.
Originally published in Theory & Wryting summer 2008
Enacted for a live audience with Judith V. as Bobbi Lurie during the first Klebnikov Carnaval in Leuven, Belgium 2008.


A. Andreas (NL) as AA &
Bobbi Lurie (US) as BL

Amsterdam NL, New Mexico US - 2008

Act I:  Act II:  Act III:  Act IV:  Act V:  Act VI:

Act I:

It was then when you nursed me


It was then when you nursed me when we lived in the woods when we was kings and you was queens It was then when I was my fatherbrothermother and you was my motherfathersister It was then when we lived tommorrow When we died in the woods It was then when our city escaped to trees When the ashes were our home When the fires glued our lights It was then when our eyes were blind Our touches thumb Our tongues speechless It was then when I was you When you enslaved my fathermother And I sold my brothersister It was then when we lived The trees an-eyed Anhillated by our senses I escaped you then when you were me
AA: June 16, 2008 7:19:11 PM GMT+02:00:


you escaped me when i was you so it's true: Angela knew we were reading Jukka's code it said: A e A e e you thought: Amsterdam of course and i: albuquerque you were senseless in your senses the tree couldn't see it was you who enslaved your motherfather for you were i the sale of brothersister inconsequential speechless sucking thumbs unseeing eyes i'm glad you said i nursed you i thought i made you worse the woods were wild we only pretended to be kings and queens and saw it didn't matter believing made it so death in the future we said to- mor- row we died in the city escaping to trees can you believe i came to albuquerque not amsterdam i escaped you too when you were me B.L. 6/08
BL: June 17, 2008 7:11:13 PM GMT+02:00